Monday, January 5, 2009

A new business approach for 2009

I've spent the past few days reflecting on my business and my life and ways to improve both. I think it is important to make changes sometimes. Keeping in mind that sometimes change is good and sometimes not so much !
So my work room is all organized, I just need to get myself organized !! I've decided to take a new approach this year with my bear making. In the past I have usually worked on 1 bear from start to finish before going on to the next. This isn't really the most productive method, but worked well for me most times. The problem I found however, is that I dislike the "grunt" work of cutting, trimming pinning etc. I want to skip all that and get straight to the creative aspect. I think this has caused me to procrastinate starting a new bear on several occasions.

So, onward and upward I go with the intent to cut out several different bears at one time. Kind of like an assembly line , doing the "grunt" tasks all at once . I'll then place each partly assembled bear in a bag just waiting to be jointed , stuffed and finished as I feel inspired. I want to try some new techniques and really stretch myself way outside my comfort zone in 2009 too. Sounds good to's hoping that my plan works LOL.

I also intend to spend MUCH less time on the computer, re-invent my business image, redesign my website, work on advertising etc. (Oh....that actually means more time on the computer to get those tasks done LOL.) I'm trying to decide if I should continue with my blog too ??? I just don't know ?

The kids are back in school today so I cut out 2 bears, got some paperwork in order for 2009 and did some planning. So far so good ! So come with me as I either soar or fall flat on my face this year. I plan to enjoy the ride anyway :)


JeannieB Bears said...

Hi Tammy,
Sounds like a good plan to me. I hope you are able to keep up your blog, as I enjoy all the nifty posts...and the pictures! Haven't seen snow like that since we moved to the South!
The assembly line grunt work seems like it would help encourage the fun parts. I do a similar thing with each design. Draw it, cut it out, put all the parts in a baggie...and I'm ready for the weekend!
Looking forward to seeing your new approach in the months to come!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

Best of luck with your new plan for Bear making for 2009. I hope that it will be a great year for you and your family.
I just adore my little ornament you made and he looked so wonderful on the tree.
Shame that Christmas decorations have to go away for another year.

I hope that you keep up your blog as I enjoy reading and seeing what you are up to.


Tammy said...

Thanks Jeannie and Carolyn for your comments. Carolyn I am thrilled that you enjoyed your onrmanent from last year again. It was so fun sending it to you !

I'm glad you both enjoy my blog. I'm still not sure how long I will continue though.

Hugs, Tammy

Laura Lynn said...

Tammy I certainly hope you will continue your blog!! I just realized that yours was missing in my Google reader and added it today.

I think posting and reading blogs is an awesome way to keep up with friends and family. I wish ANY of my family blogged.... but at least my friends do!