Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hope and Lily Reunited

It is truly a miracle ! I checked facebook all day yesterday for updates but eventually I had to stop as it was all to emotional. Hope had been seen Tuesday afternoon, but then nothing. It was amazing to think that she was still o.k.

Then this morning I was overjoyed to discover that during the night Hope had been spotted again , captured and reunited with Lily her mom. Thank you God and research team for granting us this miracle ! The video of the reunion is so beautiful, just listen to the emotion in Hope's bellowing, then the purr of her nursing ( and Sue the biologist sniffling). What touching sounds this morning.

Enjoy the video. I've watched it over and over along with all the Lilypad fans :) Just click on the video twice to make it bigger so you can see the whole screen :)

Now I may actually be able to stay focused on the bear I am working on !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where is Hope ?

I know most of you will think I am crazy , but I am just so sad and concerned for a certain little bear cub. You may remember several months ago I mentioned a live bear cam in the den of an expectant bear mom named Lily. Well, I have been watching that camera since mid January, and was fortunate to be watching when Lily gave birth to her first ever cub named Hope on January 22. I watched that little bear daily until they left the den. Ever since then the North American Bear center has kept thousands of Lily and Hope fans updated with photos and videos as they live in the wild. It has been an incredible and educational journey. I admit I am addicted to learning about this little family. They have stolen my heart, especially that feisty little cub !

Lily & Hope after leaving the den
( I hope the North American Bear Center doesn't mind me using their photo )

Sadly, 4 days ago Lily left Hope asleep high in a tree. The researchers don't know why. She returned a couple of days ago, but 4 month old Hope is missing. No one has seen her, and researchers are doing their best to search . How long can she survive on her own ? No one knows. As of last night Lily appeared to have moved on and may have abandoned her search. What does that mean ? Does she know something we don't ?

I just feel so sad. Me, along with thousands of fans, are trying to stay hopeful , but with each passing hour I fear the worst. Nature has to take it's course, they are after all wild animals. But, I've become so attached to them , I am such a softie at heart I know :( Please pray that Hope is found soon. I can't imagine how distressed Lily must be too.

You can watch videos about them here

Monday, May 24, 2010

Still available

Yep, Rosco is still looking for a place to live. Seems no one wanted to try their luck in the lottery so he is available to anyone that wants to give him a home. Poor guy feels a little left out :( I could always keep this one for myself now couldn't I .

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rosco Up for Adoption

Please meet Rosco who is now ready to spread his wings and find a new home. He is available on my website HERE : Again , I am taking names of anyone interested in him until Sunday night , May 23rd @ 8pm Atlantic Time.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A new bear on the way

I am working away this week on another bear. I hope to have it ready for adoption tomorrow or Saturday. It's head is still not attached ....... I feel like that myself some days lol !!!! I'll be sure to let everyone know when and how it can be adopted :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

A lesson in patience and trust

I think that is what I am supposed to be learning . I went to my surgeon for my biopsy results this morning only to find out that it was "inconclusive". So...... I need to make some decisions. The surgeon gave me 3 choices :

1) Do nothing but monitor the lump by ultrasound periodically.
2) Get another biopsy
3) Surgery to remove my thyroid gland and lump if I am really concerned it may be cancer , and then take medication forever.

He highly suggested another biopsy so I guess that is the route I'll take. I just hope this time it will tell us something definitive. Now that I know how icky that biopsy procedure was I'm really not looking forward to it again. Oh well, I've been waiting 5 months for an answer so another month or so won't really matter :) God has given me a real sense of peace about this whole thing thankfully.

Enough about my health. I think I just need to type it out here as a form of therapy LOL.

Back to bears, that's a much more exciting topic for sure :) I need to figure out what fur I want to use for the next one.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sully ...looking for his forever home

Please meet Sully. He is a 7.5" mink cub available for adoption on my website. I haven't made one with the inset muzzle and tummy for a LONG time and I think he is kind of cute :)

You can learn all about him HERE

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrating 20 Years together !

Wow, where did the time go ???? Ahh.....look at us so young , naive, and in love lol.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting, waiting and more waiting

Wow, 2010 seems to be a year with health issues for my family ! All this medical stuff and waiting is really starting to wear me out.

It seems like all I have been doing this past week or so is spend hours sitting in Hospitals or Doctor's waiting rooms . I had to take my daughter to the doctor, then for blood tests to see if she has Mono. I've called the doctor everyday for a week to get the Mono test results. No one seems to know when it will be ready, they tell me to call "tomorrow". Then they don't return my calls . She has missed over 2 weeks of school, and has tried to return but only lasts part of the day. I just want some answers. Maybe no news is good news ?

Then I had to take my son for x-rays and to see a surgeon about a spinal problem after waiting 10 months . Praise the Lord he won't need surgery after all !!!

Plus, all this waiting for my biopsy results is hard too. I hope to have results next week. This issue has been going on since December and I am tired . Some days I want off this roller coaster ride !

However, tomorrow is a new day.........and it will be our 20th wedding anniversary ! Now that is something to celebrate.