Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bill is mostly gone

...and he was very kind to us here. It rained a lot, but there really wasn't the high wind we expected. We decided to take a drive about 10 minutes from home to check out the shore. Seems like everyone else has the same idea LOL. Although , we stayed where it was safe. The ocean certainly was churning today. I'd hate to be out in the middle of the Atlantic in such a storm !

Here is a sampling of what we saw:

The water level was much higher than normal and it was high tide also. The water splashed over the road throwing lots of stones on the pavement.

It ended off with a rainbow just a few minutes ago . How cool is that .

Here comes Bill

For those that have been watching the weather you know that hurricane Bill has decided to stop in my area for a little visit. The eye isn't going to pass over us, but there are tropical storm warnings with heavy wind and rain. All beaches and parks have been closed for safety reasons.

Right now (10:35am) it is raining in sheet, but the wind isn't so bad. It really isn't much different than any other heavy rain we've had this summer. There has been lots :) It is expected to get more intense in the next few hours so I'll keep you posted. I'm just happy it waited until this morning to arrive as I really don't like storms in the night.

You can track Bill HERE if you're interested.

It is very humid though ,like it has been for over a week. I'll be relieved when the humidity is gone. It has felt like mid to high 30's and I'm not a heat lover. Bring on Autumn LOL.

Friday, August 14, 2009

TreeGo- An adventure in the park

A few weeks ago my 15yr. old son said to me, "Mom, you don't do anything fun. All you do is make bears." OUCH...that comment was a bit harsh I thought, but he is a thrill seeking teenager . I started to think about his comment and realized that maybe he had a point ! As I've gotten older I seem to have lost my sense of adventure. (I think he has enough adventure for both of us LOL). Somehow fear seems to have crept in and I think to much about the possible dangers.

As vacation approached I decided I'd show him that I wasn't just a dull mom. I do tend to try things on vacation that I normally wouldn't . That isn't always such a smart idea LOL. We discovered this aerial adventure park, TreeGo, a few hours away and visited yesterday. I was determined to complete the adventure. There are 5 sections that increase in height and difficulty. The park consisted of 70 obstacles suspended about 20-30 feet in the air between trees. It took 4 hours to complete and it was hot out. We all completed the course, but let me tell you it was a bit scary at times. My husband even made it through despite his fear of heights !!! Thank goodness for the safety harnesses :) I felt like I was part of a circus walking the high wire. My favorite activity was the Zipline. Some of the swinging logs, and ladders made me sweat !

Today I am sore, a little bruised and my arms feel like rubber , but I am so proud of myself. It was both mentally and physically challenging. I think my son was surprised that I made it all the way .....see, I am not so boring after all LOL ! However, I still think making bears is fun, no matter what he thinks :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Enjoying the Buskers

It was another gorgeous day here so we headed across the harbour to check out the Busker Festival. There are tons of street performers who come to the city each year to entertain the crowds.....and I mean crowds !! For most of the entertainers, this is their living as they travel the world performing.

Remember to click the photos to enlarge them for a better look :)

We haven't gone in a few years so it was a nice treat. There are some talented performers who really get the crowds excited, and involved in their routines. There are always lots of laughs, gasps and ooh-ahs.

These were the Pogo Boys who did some crazy stunts with a cement "stage" Thankfully the stunts went smoothly ! Apparently that wasn't the case last year and one of them landed face first...yikes.

Apparently this guy holds the world record for Pogo Rope Jumping at 7 feet !

The next duo was "Dream State Circus", a husband and wife team from Australia. They were funny, strong and very entertaining.

The wind off the water made their fire juggling even more challenging today.

This last guy , " The Bike Boy" also from Australia ,was juggling a chain saw while riding his bike. We didn't get to see the whole show unfortunately.
There are tons more shows that we hope to see later this week. It was a great way to spend an afternoon !

Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrating Sidney Crosby #87

It is an exciting day in my neighbourhood. No.... I haven't finished a new bear LOL. It's been tooo hot to even think about making bears. Instead our local hockey star, Sidney Crosby, brought home the Stanley Cup Trophy today, on his 22nd birthday. There was great little parade earlier and lots of events planned for tonight.
I attended the parade even though I am not really a hockey fanatic. I just wanted to be part of the community support for this young man who grew up in my neighbourhood. No, I've never met him, but admire his drive and all that he has accomplished. He's the youngest team Captain to ever win the Cup which is North America's top hockey achievement .

Way to go Sidney !

It's so exciting to see a young man achieve his dreams :)