Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heavy Hearted

Sadly , we lost my hubby's sweet Grampa yesterday. He was such a dear , kind man.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet the trio

I am happy to introduce the newest creations from the den.

Faye is an 8.5"(standing) happy mohair girl in pink, Eldon is a wee 4.5"(standing) elephant , and Logan is an 11"(standing) makeover of an older bear with a whole new face and new duds.

All are available directly from my website where you can see more photos and learn their details.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New creations almost ready

I have some new creations ready to be photographed today. If all goes as planned , I hope to have them available later today or tomorrow. Sorry for the long delay ! We've had a sudden family matter to deal with here so I have been distracted by that the past few days.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love getting mail !

I am so excited today. I just returned home to find a big envelope in my mailbox. It was my Golden Teddy Ribbon and I feel very honored to have received this. It will take up a special place in my display cabinet.

I also received a pretty postcard from Vienna from a collector who was on vacation there recently. How thoughtful that she thought of me and sent a postcard. I am so blessed by the people in my life.

It has been a great week here. Hubby and I celebrated our 19th anniversary the other day, and spent the whole day together. We went for a nice drive along the ocean, and explored.

I have been sewing too. I completed a bear and have a couple of other things in the works. I might hold off and show them all at once.

Have a great long weekend.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I'm a little late in the day, but I hope all you mom's had a great day.
I love this tulip that I photographed in my mom's garden today.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kayla is on Ebay

I have just decided to offer Kayla on Ebay for 3 days only. Her auction will run until Saturday, May 9th, 8pm Atlantic Time. I hope you get a chance to take a look at her photos. She does appear a bit more Orange in photos than in reality. She is more of a cinnamon color. The weather was a bit too wet and dark for the photos shoot so they were taken inside.

Click the HERE for her listing which should start at 8pm

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A new panda is ready

So sorry for the long delay getting this latest bear finished ! I will make Kayla available tomorrow either on Ebay or directly from me. Thanks to a collector for suggesting that name, I love it :) I'll send an email to my mailing list with all the details tomorrow.

I have to say it has been a stressful time here with the whole school situation. My son's school was closed yesterday so the teachers could make an action plan. But a similar incident happened at the high school 1/2km away yesterday so that school closed early. I heard the sirens wailing then heard the news.

Anyway, if I keep working on bears I can keep my mind occupied with happy things :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Feeling unproductive

Again this week I didn't get much done. I did start on that mink bear on Tuesday, but it will be a few days before I can get it finished. I felt very unfocused. I think it had a lot to do with my daughter being gone out of town on a school trip for 4 days. Her first time gone that long without family. She had a great time, but I missed her a lot. I am happy she is home safely despite a 2 hour delay when the bus broke down on the highway today.

I've also had hubby home sick all week. He attempted to go back to work on
Thursday , only to be sent home by head office as he was in contact with someone who had been in Mexico. He doesn't have Swine flu, but everyone is so paranoid now, sheesh. Gotta love the media !!

Today my son came home to tell me that his high school was on lockdown all afternoon after several fights broke out. About 25 police cars arrived, and 14 students were arrested. After school all the other student were escorted by an officer to their locker only to quickly retrieve a coat to go home, nothing else , no books ,backpacks,nothing. Tonight the principal phoned to tell parents what happened and the procedure for Monday. This is my son's first ever experience with a lockdown or with the police. My stomach sank and I feel a bit frazzled over the whole thing . I would hate to think that this could escalate on Monday.

How did the world get to the place where we need security cameras and police liasons in schools, even junior high. School should be a safe place . As a mom I want to protect my kids, letting them grow up is so difficult when these things happen. Some days parenting can feel a little overwhelming.