Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mason is looking for a new home

I am bit slow getting this posted today ;) I kind of got caught up in the USA history making event all over the TV. I'm not interested in politics at all, but I have to admit it is neat to witness this monumental event.

Yesterday school was closed due to the very slippery roads so I got behind on business stuff. Then today I had a frustrating time trying to mail some things . My friendly, reliable post office closed and the new location won't be open until March 3rd. Uhm, they neglected to mention that in the notice that came out in December ! The location the gal suggested to me didn't have a post office either. The 3rd place finally took my packages.

Anyway, please meet Mason, an 11" mohair teddy wondering where his forever home will be . You can learn all about him on my website.

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