Sunday, January 11, 2009

A day on the slopes

First, let me clarify that I was just a spectator....this time ! We took our daughter and niece to the local little ski hill for their first time ever. My daughter was sooooo excited. Our son is a snowboarder, but he was busy doing other things with a friend so did not come with us.
It was a chilly but gorgeous day yesterday to be outside in the fresh, crisp winter air so early in the morning. Being at the ski hill brought back some wonderful memories of the few times that my hubby (then boyfriend) and I skied with friends in high school and university. I remember the excitement coupled with butterflies in my belly every time I looked down from the top of the hill. It looked so steep and I was , well, a slow skier. I notice some things that have changed, like very few people use poles, helmets are highly recommended, shorter skis are prefered to longer now, and there are so many snowboarders. Of course there was no snowboarding way back in my day LOL.

The girls had a 90 minute lesson on the "bunny hill" then were rewarded with the lift pass and quickly headed to the big trails . Only 2 trails were open due to the lack of snow, but they had a great day regardless. I was amazed at how fast they learned and how confident my daughter was. My niece was a bit more apprehensive, but both did great. I think I may have even convinced myself that I'll have to strap on some skis next time and relive my youth . Or not LOL. Falling will be much more painful this time around I am sure.

Back to working on bears this coming week.


Draffin Bears said...

That is so neat the your daughter and neice had a fun day at the snow.
No poles - I like my poles for stability.

We went skiing a while back - I had not done it for years and it was so much fun. As you said the fear of falling and maybe hurting yourself was on my thoughts as I whizzed down the slopes.


Tammy said...

Carolyn, I may just have to give it try . I agree, I need poles for stability and to pull myself up when I crash LOL

Hugs, Tammy