Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Memory

You may remember me talking about my Dad on my father's day posting. Well, 5 years ago today my 61 year old Dad was suddenly taken from my life. I'm not the type that dwells on "the day" as I prefer to remember the great times not the sad ones. But wow, I can't believe how fast 5 years has gone.

As I reflect on these past 5 years, I can see how I have changed as a person more than any other time in my life. I mean this is a hugely positive way. My faith is stronger than ever, and I know God has my best interest at heart. I could be angry, but these life experiences are meant to grow us and not to harm. It is all in how we choose to respond. God has brought me closer to where he wants me to be. Sure, I still get sad knowing that I can't call up my Dad and say hi. But 3 days before his heart attack, Dad and I shared a magical impromptu dance together ,in front of 150 people, that I will NEVER forget. I know, without a doubt, that it was a gift, based on the circumstances in which it happened. I didn't get to say a verbal goodbye to Dad, as he was gone when I arrived at the hospital. But our dance was a final wonderful memory. I'll never forget the wonderful hug and smile on his face that night.

Last fall my mom donated a bench in memory of Dad at their favorite park , where they walked together every day. It is a special place where anyone can sit quitely and enjoy the view or feed the ducks. I think it is a great way to rememember a great man who always lit up a room.

Now, I promise there will be some actual bear posts coming next :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school shopping -ugh

The title says it all. What a stressful time of year, I really do despise the back to school shopping with a teen and pre-teen. Of course they WANT the most expensive , coolest clothes and binders etc. especially starting at a new school. I really do understand, I was a teen once, not that they believe me. LOL. My kids insist it was different then. Ah... no it really wasn't, just different stuff but the same desire to fit in . But, there has to be a compromise. The money tree in our back yard just isn't big enough for their taste. Even if it was I try to teach them that it isn't all about stuff. It's who you are that matters most...all they hear is blah, blah , blah I'm sure LOL. Teenage years are so funny really.

I spent the afternoon clothes shopping with my son. Oh my, what a horrid experience for both of us. He is so stubborn when shopping, and refuses to try things on. How can you know if it fits for pete sakes. I'm sure shopping with mom is totally embarrasing anyway, I respect that. He is such a great kid so I tried REALLY hard to be patient, I wasn't so successful I have to admit. We lasted 1.5 hours but I feel like this picture...... I really need to get back to bearmaking. It is just so therapeutic :)

I love this Staples commercial

Floor Pics

Here are some photos of the finished floors. I am so glad those old, ugly carpets are gone. We just need to get some small rugs. Next project is installing new hardwood stairs.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm here , I really am !

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've just been busy. We took a little vacation to Prince Edward Island last week. We then spent the past 2 days installing hardwood flooring in 2 bedrooms. Today is clean up and put everything back day. I'll update you with photos shortly.

Just a serious word of caution......NEVER use power tools without proper instruction first. I am O.K. , just did something VERY stupid and dangerous (while tired) with a table saw and now have bruised arms with a little roadrash to prove it. Sheesh, boards can fly like spinning torpedos ! I know, I know, I can't believe how careless I was. I can see you cringing- my legs went a little rubbery too when my arms started to swell -I found some ice in a hurry. I am always super (overly) cautious. I don't know what possesed me , but hubby had to go out for a few minutes so I thought I would cut some boards-STUPID IDEA. I am so thankful I didn't seriously impale myself . Now I do love using the pneumatic stapler though :)

I do love DIY projects and it is not uncommon for hubby to come home and find me painting/redecorating a room, ripping up flooring or smashing ceramic tiles and reinstalling. I just got carried away yesterday. That's how accidents happen !!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Silver Lining

Well, the Golden Teddy Winners were announced last night. No, I wasn't fortunate enought to win the public's vote, but I am sooo thrilled for the artist who was chosen.

Judi Paul of Luxembears won in my category ( and 3 other categories ! ) Her work is truly amazing, and she is such a wonderful person too. I've emailed her on ocassion and taken an online class from her also. She is so sweet and humble. I believe her skills are not just learned , this lady has a real God given gift and she uses it to the fullest. She has won so many awards that it really is no surprise she won again this year. So, if I had to lose I am happy she is the person who won !

Congratulations Judi- You Rock !!!

EDITED : After re-reading my post, I hope it didn't sound like I thought the other nominees were less award worthy ! Each of the nominees have amazing talent, and I would be thrilled for any of them to win.

Here is a link showing all the winners: 2008 GOlden Teddy Winners

Friday, August 8, 2008

Going bug -eyed

Yes, I am ...everywhere I look there are ants, spiders, aphids, earwigs -EEEWWWW !!!

I know these creatures have a purpose, but why does it have to be in my yard LOL. Actually ,this spider is kind of beautiful in it's own way.

However, I a still battling these ants like this pesky one on my deck !

They are all around my yard, on my steps, deck, flowers and ocassionally sneaking into my house - grrrrr. They are just itty bitty things, but it seems like everyone is having the same problem this year. It must be the warm, humid weather. I have tried all kinds of natural defenses so as not to poison our pet cat, but nothing works.

Do you have any suggestions ???

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Darby is ready to meet the world !

Click to see his auction HERE

Well, THANKFULLY my bear fell into that 99% that magically transform into something I hope you will like. Darby will be listed on Ebay tonight until Sunday at approx. 7:15 Atlantic Time. I am very happy that he came together nicely. I even added a double jointed neck which I hadn't initially planned on. But, it is a nice effect for posing. It is essentially an angled neck wedge.

Here are a couple of pictures showing how a bear seems to come alive. What a difference the eyes make. They are, afterall, the window to the soul. Once they are tightly pulled and tied in , and shading is added they have more depth and life. The ears are the final touch.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

He will get better....I think :)

Here is a quick "in progress" photo of my latest bear. It is pouring cats & dogs so I had to take it inside. ( If you listen closely you may hear some cats meowing !!!!) Oh, how my bears all look ugly at this stage. Well, I think so.

I find it odd that each time I make a bear , without exception, I get really nervous when it comes to triming the face. You would think I'd be over that after 5 years, but no such luck. Maybe it is that point of no return with trimming that once you snip it can't be replaced. I look at this bear, partially trimmed, and wonder if I should trash his head and start again. This too happens each time, alas, I continue and 99% of the time some magical transformation happens and they become my newest favorite. It is a strange ritual almost. Maybe it is my lack of confidence, desire for perfection, or some weird mental mind game thingy I play with myself. Maybe I should get MY head checked LOL !!!

Let's see how this one turns out in a day or so. He'll probably be that 1% and you'll never see him again :) Stay tuned ! Oh, you may notice he/she is missing an inner left leg. Uhm... I cut 2 in the same direction. Sheesh , this humidity and dampness is turning my grey matter to mush !

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bees, Blueberries & Bears

I'm back to blogland - bet you didn't even missed me did you ! We snuck away for a few days to the countryside away from the noise pollution, and electronic distractions. It is always so relaxing to just sit and listen to nature or hid under a tree to read. Of course, it is always nice to come home too , except when there are ants sneaking into my house. Pesky things are keeping me busy.

I have started on a new mink bear. Who knows how long it may take to complete, it is still hot and humid. I don't handle this weather well at all. I just feel so sluggish . Bring on Autumn, now that is my favorite time of year !

In the meantime, I like to poke in my garden and watch the little critters working. I spotted this bee covered in pollen in my hollyhocks.

And, look at these huge blueberries. Our high bush blueberry bush is loaded with partially rippened berries. YUM !

Photos of the bear in progress to come later.