Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where is the bear ?

You have seen the note on my website that a new bear is coming this week. And, it is ! I had hoped to post some photos as I was working on it. However, the weather has been too wet, snowy ,windy and cold to take outdoor pictures. Indoor photos never do justice. Winter has arrived !!

The bear is done and is an open mouth mink bear. I think tomorrow looks hopeful for photos, fingers crossed.

Yesterday my kitty was not too pleased when she decided to go outside. She stared at the first snowflurries of the season and reluctantly ventured out. I could almost read her mind.....Oh no, not this stuff again ! It must be so cold on her little paws.

Tonight it is soooo blustery , with freezing rain & snowy. Brrrrrrrr.......

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