Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new bear , almost

I've been working on this bear for a couple of day. It is starting to come together and I hope to have it done by weeks end. It does look rather silly as it is though, and it was a quick pic so not the best lighting. I always think the headless body looks like a turkey waiting to be cooked LOL. If the rain holds off, I'll get it photographed and listed on ebay or my website. Not sure where yet.

Ebay has really been making a lot of changes recently, many of which are not to the small scale sellers advantage unfortunately. The fees are continually climbing, placement in listings is totally wacky(random almost), the feedback system has been unfairly changed. I do think it is a great venue to sell, but I fear that they are trying to drive away the smaller sellers and make life miserable so we just give up. Too bad really :(

1 comment:

JeannieB Bears said...

"looks like a turkey waiting to be cooked"....LOL!! Can't wait to see the finished baby.