Monday, November 10, 2008

He's All Smiles :)

It is an exciting day at our house today. My son is finally getting his braces off after 18 months and $4500 - Ouch !!! Thankfully dental insurance pays half. He can't wait, but I know there will be a struggle to get him to wear the retainer. I can't wait to see his new smile all perfect ,polished and white. Only 2 hours in the dentist chair and he'll be all smiles, rubbing his tongue over his pearly whites, and feel like his teeth are floating :)

My daughter will probably be getting hers on in December $$$ -Merry Christmas kiddo. Lucky me to have 2 kiddos with crooked teeth. Oh well, they inherited that gene from both my hubby and I. He had braces and I did too.

I was supposed to get them on at age 13, but waaaayyyy back then it wasn't so popular and kids were tormented and called mean names with a mouth full of metal. So, I chickened out LOL. I waited until age 23 to get mine. I'm sure my parents were happy anyway because at that age it was me who paid the bill.

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Boot Button Bears said...

Hi Tammy,
How wonderful for your son to be finally free of his braces. My daughter is the same and she inherited crooked teeth from both myself and my husband - the poor thing didn't stand a chance. My wee one has to have lots of other things done too to widen her mouth, and she currently has "twin blocks" in, just before getting full braces. Isn't it funny that you just get one finished and then your daughter is ready to have them. It will be so worthwhile when they are older though, and even though they don't think so now, they will be so glad they went through it all. I always joke that my bears are paying for all Britt's dental work - and it is true. She will have to thank the bears later for her lovely smile. I bet you are the same.
Boot Button Bears.