Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look Out...It's gonna blow !!!

I am having a hard time getting motivated lately. But, I have figured out why !!! Look at my work room....can you believe it, what a DISASTER ZONE. It looks like it is going to explode !!! I can hear you gasping LOL. I am soooo embarassed to show this, but thought maybe it would force me to clean it up.

I have a tidy house otherwise , but this room is just beyond . I am really messy when I am working , but I feel so overwhelmed when I walk in this space, I just sit on the computer in the corner and waste time. Lately I have been taking my supplies to my bedroom to work, but that is not a good idea. The stuff is migrating everywhere. How can anyone be creative in this mess ?

So, now I have to decide on better storage, declutter and make this a fun , creative place again. it is a small 9x9 room so it gets disorganized really fast. I'd really like to rip up carpet, and paint the walls. That will have to wait I think !

Oh , where do I begin ????

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, I can relate. Right now I don't know where my room will be....that is when I get my stuff. Moving is such a pain but it has opened my eyes to the fact I have waaaaaaaaaay to much stuff and need to down size. Some times change can be a good thing. Get creative and have fun! Hugs, Linda