Monday, November 17, 2008

Donor DOWN !

Have you ever heard those words ? I just did about 90 minutes ago and it was, unfortunately ,referring to me !

You see, I decided to donate blood for the first time ever tonight , and convinced my hubby to donate along with me. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time.
I was a bit nervous I have to admit.

We'll, the donation part was relatively easy and painless for the 16 minutes it took, until a couple of minutes after the needle came out and my head started to spin. I got very hot and apparently very pale according to many of the nearby donors. The nurse looked over at me and asked if I was o.k. and I nodded "NO". Then I heard those words, " Donor Down" and she immediately raised my feet and lowered my head. Some others nurses put cold clothes on my headand neck , and handed me a barf bag. Then I got cold and shaky. What a nasty feeling and how embarassing.

I had to stay there for a long time, eventually sitting up and getting some juice. I am feeling fine now. As for my husband, he was fine, and had fun taking pictures of me with his phone ! Thankfully he came so he could drive me home.

Would I donate again....yes, I hope I will. Now that I know to drink lots and lots of fluids in the 24 hours before. Afterall, it is a small sacrifice to help give someone the "Gift of Life". I hope I haven't scared anyone off and that you will consider donating too.

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JeannieB Bears said...

Oh my, Tammy! Sorry to hear you were "down" when you gave blood! You're an angel for taking the time to donate! In my line of work, our patients can receive several "life saving" pints of donated blood.....So a huge THANK YOU from me (and I'm sure the patients and their families in your area would feel the same way!)