Saturday, August 2, 2008

He will get better....I think :)

Here is a quick "in progress" photo of my latest bear. It is pouring cats & dogs so I had to take it inside. ( If you listen closely you may hear some cats meowing !!!!) Oh, how my bears all look ugly at this stage. Well, I think so.

I find it odd that each time I make a bear , without exception, I get really nervous when it comes to triming the face. You would think I'd be over that after 5 years, but no such luck. Maybe it is that point of no return with trimming that once you snip it can't be replaced. I look at this bear, partially trimmed, and wonder if I should trash his head and start again. This too happens each time, alas, I continue and 99% of the time some magical transformation happens and they become my newest favorite. It is a strange ritual almost. Maybe it is my lack of confidence, desire for perfection, or some weird mental mind game thingy I play with myself. Maybe I should get MY head checked LOL !!!

Let's see how this one turns out in a day or so. He'll probably be that 1% and you'll never see him again :) Stay tuned ! Oh, you may notice he/she is missing an inner left leg. Uhm... I cut 2 in the same direction. Sheesh , this humidity and dampness is turning my grey matter to mush !

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Anonymous said...

He'll turn out fine, and everyone will love him because you'll put your best into him and do a great job.

Writers have these confidence issues too. Maybe it's part of the creative process?