Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school shopping -ugh

The title says it all. What a stressful time of year, I really do despise the back to school shopping with a teen and pre-teen. Of course they WANT the most expensive , coolest clothes and binders etc. especially starting at a new school. I really do understand, I was a teen once, not that they believe me. LOL. My kids insist it was different then. Ah... no it really wasn't, just different stuff but the same desire to fit in . But, there has to be a compromise. The money tree in our back yard just isn't big enough for their taste. Even if it was I try to teach them that it isn't all about stuff. It's who you are that matters most...all they hear is blah, blah , blah I'm sure LOL. Teenage years are so funny really.

I spent the afternoon clothes shopping with my son. Oh my, what a horrid experience for both of us. He is so stubborn when shopping, and refuses to try things on. How can you know if it fits for pete sakes. I'm sure shopping with mom is totally embarrasing anyway, I respect that. He is such a great kid so I tried REALLY hard to be patient, I wasn't so successful I have to admit. We lasted 1.5 hours but I feel like this picture...... I really need to get back to bearmaking. It is just so therapeutic :)

I love this Staples commercial

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