Saturday, December 13, 2008

The monkey is finally GONE !

I am so relieved ...are you wondering what I am talking about LOL ? Remember that photo I shared of my disasterous sewing room. That mess really became a "monkey on my back". You know, that nagging problem that just weighs you down and creates a real burden and stress. Every time I walked into that room I could feel myself tense up.

The mood to tackle it struck , and I am happy to say that after 6 hours of purging stuff, cleaning, re-organizing etc the "monkey" is really gone. I gave away 4 garbage bags of fabric and craft supplies to goodwill, and threw out 3 bags of useless bits of things. You have to realize that loving crafts results in tons of supplies over the years. For example...I've tried ...
Oil painting,Tole Painting,Rubber Stamping,Scrapbooking,Sewing,Embroidery,Cross-stitch,Knitting,Crocheting,Clay/sculpting,silk screening etc etc....the list goes on !

Now when I walking into this room it makes me feel REALLY good. It sounds silly, but eveything is neat and organized so I hope I can keep it this way. Sure, I would still love to paint, re-decorate, have fancy storage units and matching baskets but I can be happy in my little space just as it is .

Now, I can actually sleep in my bedroom without bear supplies glaring at me !


JeannieB Bears said...

You have inspired me to "remove the monkey from my back"! I also have "bear stuff" in almost every drawer, cabinet in the house! Open my linen closet and bear parts fall out...LOL Your work room looks fabulous :)
I'm on it...this weekend.

JeannieB Bears said...

PS ...I was so tired last night, I forgot to say that I showed my mom the picture she drew for you REALLY is on your wall!! She loves her Beckoning Bears sooo much!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
She has been practicing with crayons to make you a Christmas card!
Love and hugs,