Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dental Devices = FRAGILE

Remember I mentioned my son got his braces off in November ? Well, he has a retainer that he must wear at all times (except when eating) for several months. I have been nagging him, yes nagging, to keep it in the protective case whenever he takes it out of his mouth.

Guess what.....he chose not to listen , insisting "nothing will happen". Last night the inevitable happened. He put it in his hoodie pocket, it fell out and he stepped on it. CRACK...broken in 1/2. He told me 2 hours later after he tried to super glue it back together LOL. I can laugh now, it wasn't funny at the time. Off we go to the dentist today to get fitted for a new one. Oh, it is only $300 to replace :(

NOTE: Dental Devices are Fragile Son -that's why they give you a storage case and nagging mother to go with it !
But, I am refusing to let this ruin my day. I think I'll wrap Christmas presents and play some wonderful music.

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