Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tears of Joy !!

I got the most incredible package in the mail today ! I knew it was coming , but had no idea what it contained. So , when I opened it I was speechless and burst into tears. I have met an Angel on Earth.

The package came from a bear artist, and sweet collector & wonderful friend whom I have actually never met. We have only communicated through email, but I can tell she is a very special & caring person. I have been helping her with bear making questions so she says she is my apprentice LOL. I received this gorgeous mohair, ultrasuede, & mink . The most touching thing was a picture her mom, who enjoys my bears, drew for me. Her mom is in a nursing home and is paralyzed except one arm. I was so touched and will frame this art to hang in my sewing room.

Also included was a raccoon by Kathy Myers ! You have to realize that I absolutely adore Kathy's work and never in my wildest dreasm did I ever think I would own a piece. They are way out of my price range, so I admire from a distance. I had no idea how tiny her creations were until now. Riley raccon is only 5.5" tall. WOW, with 20 years experience this artist has talent I can only hope to have. Simply gorgeous. I can't believe my friend bought this raccoon for me ! I am beyond blessed today , and have no words to truly express how overwhelmed I am at this act of selfless kindness ! I feel so special !

I have received wonderful surprises from a few collectors in the past, and each one just touches my heart more than you know. It's not about the "stuff", it is about the person and the thought. Meeting you wonderful people, even if only online, is a something I truly treasure.

Thank you, thank you, thank you J. and S.
for giving me tears of pure joy today.


Debora Hoffmann said...

Wow!!! It's so neat to hear how you are blessed by others. no wonder you had tears of joy.

Anonymous said...

Tammy that is very touching. She is truly a sweet heart. It even brought tears to my eyes to see that there are such caring people out there in this crazy world we live in.