Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy , Busy

Where has the week gone ?? Somehow, I am well underway with the fur bear. I just need to close the seams and give him / her ears. So far so good, but it may be a couple of days or so until it is finished.

I did some baking for my daughter's school D.A.R.E. (drug aduse resistance education) graduation celebration which was wednesday night. What a great program to teach kids tools to resist drugs/alcohol and bullying. It was a great time and she was soooo excited. I was also asked , last minute, to machine embroider some shirts.

This weekend is my daughter's dance recital, and she is happily taking part in 2 of her 3 dances. She gets her cast off on tuesday and can't wait.

Today I plan to bake for hubby's birthday which is this weekend. Oh, and of course housework , and I've been battling ants this week in the house... ick , ick, ick !

Looks like the next 2 weeks will be busy with school events that I plan to participate in- field trips, my son's grauation, barbeques etc.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll post the bear when it is finished, hopefully soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

I just found your wonderful Blog. I love reading about your bear-making process and about your children, also. Beautiful photos, tool Sounds like you have a busy, but special week coming up. :-)