Sunday, June 8, 2008

A great weekend !

Well, the recital was wonderful yesterday, look at those feet just a movin'. (Sorry for the blurred face, I don't like to post my kiddos faces online.)

Today we celebrate my hubby's 42nd birthday , one of many we have spent together as we started dating when we were 17 ! (The best part is he'll always be 4 months older than me LOL)

And, it looks like Kuma may have found a new mom ! I also think I'll have the mink bear ready to photograph tomorrow or tuesday at the latest !

What a great weekend it has turned out to be.

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Anonymous said...

I want a bite! :-) Happy birthday to your hubby. How sweet that you started dating when you were 17!

Congrats on Kuma finding his new mom. And I like Cameron--so cuddly! (I understand about wanting to make a girl and ending up with a boy...or vice versa...)