Monday, May 17, 2010

A lesson in patience and trust

I think that is what I am supposed to be learning . I went to my surgeon for my biopsy results this morning only to find out that it was "inconclusive". So...... I need to make some decisions. The surgeon gave me 3 choices :

1) Do nothing but monitor the lump by ultrasound periodically.
2) Get another biopsy
3) Surgery to remove my thyroid gland and lump if I am really concerned it may be cancer , and then take medication forever.

He highly suggested another biopsy so I guess that is the route I'll take. I just hope this time it will tell us something definitive. Now that I know how icky that biopsy procedure was I'm really not looking forward to it again. Oh well, I've been waiting 5 months for an answer so another month or so won't really matter :) God has given me a real sense of peace about this whole thing thankfully.

Enough about my health. I think I just need to type it out here as a form of therapy LOL.

Back to bears, that's a much more exciting topic for sure :) I need to figure out what fur I want to use for the next one.


Babylon said...

The AACE guidelines (2009) recommends removal of nodules of 3.5 cm and larger. You may also consider having another pathologist to look on your biopsy results. Most biopsies are not accurate because they are nod done under the real time ultrasound observation.
Best wishes.
Super cute teddy bears!!

Lynn said...

Tammy I hope you get some results soon, the waiting can be very unsettling. I will be thinking about you.


Tammy said...

Thank you both for the concern and helpful medical info ! I'll have to check into that for sure. Thankfully, at this point my nodule is only 1cm.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh boo! Hope the next one tells you what you need to know