Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hope and Lily Reunited

It is truly a miracle ! I checked facebook all day yesterday for updates but eventually I had to stop as it was all to emotional. Hope had been seen Tuesday afternoon, but then nothing. It was amazing to think that she was still o.k.

Then this morning I was overjoyed to discover that during the night Hope had been spotted again , captured and reunited with Lily her mom. Thank you God and research team for granting us this miracle ! The video of the reunion is so beautiful, just listen to the emotion in Hope's bellowing, then the purr of her nursing ( and Sue the biologist sniffling). What touching sounds this morning.

Enjoy the video. I've watched it over and over along with all the Lilypad fans :) Just click on the video twice to make it bigger so you can see the whole screen :)

Now I may actually be able to stay focused on the bear I am working on !

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