Saturday, October 3, 2009

Teddy Bear & Craft Magazines

I always enjoy browsing though the pages of Teddy Bear and Craft magazines. There is always so much eyes candy that really inspires me. I am disappointed though because locally I can't buy Teddy Bear magazines anymore. I do have some subscriptions, but it always takes a bit longer for copies to get to my mailbox.

I was excited to receive a link from Teddy Bear Review to their first online digital version. You can enjoy this complimentary copy also HERE. Just make sure you have a flash player installed. I think I'll be subscribing to this paperless, eco-friendly version !

The U.K. Magazine , Teddy Tear Club international, also offers a sample Digital version too. You can learn about that HERE.

I've also recently discovered a wonderful and unique magazine called "Where Women Create". This high quality magazine offers lots of gorgeous photos and you can enter the studios of many talented women. This isn't available online, but is worth looking for in your favorite bookstore. I even placed a small add in a recent edition.
So, what magazines do you enjoy ??? I'd love to hear from you.


Heather said...

Generally, I love all of the Somerset magazines! (Including Art Doll)

I also love TBR and Teddy Bear & Friends (the only 2 Teddy Bear magazines I've been able to find in the US :( )

If you're at all interested in digital art, then ImagineFX is fantastic...

Then I'm a sucker for National Geographic... not necessarily a craft magazine, more of an inspiration for crafts magazine.

I also used to love Mary Eingelbreit's magazine, but they stopped printing it due to some issue with their printer :(

Tammy said...

Hi Heather :)

Oh yes, the Summerset magazine are so beautiful for sure. They are more like a book than a magazine I think !

Yes, National Geographic has such wonderful photos to inspire anyone.

I've never heard of ImagineFx so will definately check that out. I love digital art stuff. Thanks for that suggestion !!

Hugs, Tammy