Thursday, October 8, 2009

A week of special projects

I've been busy this week working on a few special things just for me, sort of :)

Project #1 ) I feel in love with a precious little bear awhile ago by a sweet bear artist. She asked if I would make her a bear at a reduced price in exchange for her creation that I love. Sounded like a fun idea to me so I created this cutie this week, whom she named Peabody :) He is on his way to New York , and I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of Lily. I'll show her picture when she arrives.

Project #2) I've been wanting to make an Annie doll ever since I won mine from Shantell last Christmas. These cloth dolls have just captured my heart . Soooo, I drew up a pattern of my own and started on my doll this week. I just need to put her together and make some clothes, then I can show you the finished girl .

Project #3) Ever since I bought my featherweight I've been planning to buy a thread stand. I have a lot of spools of thread that are just too tall for the regular holder. After forgetting to pick one up many times I decided......hmmm... I bet I can make one of them. I found an online tutorial, found all the tools and supplies I need around the house, and voilĂ  ...a thread stand.

It has been a productive and fun week.


Dolores said...

So long Peabody. You certainly are a cutie.

Anonymous said...

You have gotten lots done this week. Love Peabody. It new mom will love him too! I too have been wanting to try and make an annie doll. They are so cute. Tammy you will have to make your Annie doll and little bear to hold.

Tammy said...

Hi Linda :)

Well, you just have to get to it and make yourself an Annie doll. It is fun and I think it could be addictive LOL. Send me pics if you do ever make one !!!

Hugs, Tammy

Tammy said...

Hi Delores, nice to "meet" you ! Thanks for visiting ! Glad you like little Peabody :)

Hugs, Tammy

Dolores said...

I just had to write again to let you know that I am totally in love with your bears. I would love to make one. How did you get started?