Monday, October 19, 2009

What an exciting day !

Wow, this morning was just full of surprises ! I wasn't expecting it to be anything too exciting. My daughter stayed from school today with the flu so I figured I'd just try to do some paperwork.

But, when I checked on Mushu's Ebay auction I was so thrilled with the interest he seems to have attracted. After I listed him, I was really wondering if I had made a mistake . He really has won a special place in my heart. I love all of my bears, but once in awhile something magical happens and I just fall in love with a particular one. However, at the end of the auction I was confident that Mushu was going to a wonderful home with a Mom bursting with excitement , so I was very happy :)

Immediately after the auction ended the mailman arrived with a package just for me ! Oh, how I love to get mail.

Some days the mailman is the only person from the "outside world" that I actually get to talk too LOL. Isn't that sad ! I knew right away it must be my Swap bear that I mentioned a week or so ago. I ran upstairs to share the excitement with my daughter. She watched me open the package slowly.
As I tore through the paper and bubble wrap I could see Lily's little face staring up at me. I was sooooo excited. I know I should have read the card first but this was no time for manners LOL .
I carefully took my new bear out of the bag , gave her a BIG hug, and let out a few squeals of delight. Both my daughter and I think Lily is just adorable. She isn't the type of bear that I am usually draw too, but she tugged at my heartstrings from the moment I first saw her several weeks ago.I love her big head, little grin and overall shape. She just looks like an innocent, cute baby bear to me.

Lily was created by Cheryl Hutchinson of Bingle Bears . She asked if I'd like to do a swap of sorts , so I created Peabody especially for Cheryl. He hasn't arrived in New York yet, but hopefully soon. I hope Cheryl will be as happy with her bear as I am with Lily.

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Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Oh, Tammy, you are SO sweet! I'm so glad that Lily arrived safely and that you are smitten with her! I know that I will love Peabody as much as you love Lily. I can't WAIT until we get back from Boston so that I can pick up the mail!

I'm also very glad that Mushu's auction went so very well--his new Mom is going to LOVE him! Your bears are WONDERFUL!