Friday, August 14, 2009

TreeGo- An adventure in the park

A few weeks ago my 15yr. old son said to me, "Mom, you don't do anything fun. All you do is make bears." OUCH...that comment was a bit harsh I thought, but he is a thrill seeking teenager . I started to think about his comment and realized that maybe he had a point ! As I've gotten older I seem to have lost my sense of adventure. (I think he has enough adventure for both of us LOL). Somehow fear seems to have crept in and I think to much about the possible dangers.

As vacation approached I decided I'd show him that I wasn't just a dull mom. I do tend to try things on vacation that I normally wouldn't . That isn't always such a smart idea LOL. We discovered this aerial adventure park, TreeGo, a few hours away and visited yesterday. I was determined to complete the adventure. There are 5 sections that increase in height and difficulty. The park consisted of 70 obstacles suspended about 20-30 feet in the air between trees. It took 4 hours to complete and it was hot out. We all completed the course, but let me tell you it was a bit scary at times. My husband even made it through despite his fear of heights !!! Thank goodness for the safety harnesses :) I felt like I was part of a circus walking the high wire. My favorite activity was the Zipline. Some of the swinging logs, and ladders made me sweat !

Today I am sore, a little bruised and my arms feel like rubber , but I am so proud of myself. It was both mentally and physically challenging. I think my son was surprised that I made it all the way .....see, I am not so boring after all LOL ! However, I still think making bears is fun, no matter what he thinks :)

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Bev said...

Hi Tammy: Better you than me although I can see it must have been fun. Making memories of a great family outing!