Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here comes Bill

For those that have been watching the weather you know that hurricane Bill has decided to stop in my area for a little visit. The eye isn't going to pass over us, but there are tropical storm warnings with heavy wind and rain. All beaches and parks have been closed for safety reasons.

Right now (10:35am) it is raining in sheet, but the wind isn't so bad. It really isn't much different than any other heavy rain we've had this summer. There has been lots :) It is expected to get more intense in the next few hours so I'll keep you posted. I'm just happy it waited until this morning to arrive as I really don't like storms in the night.

You can track Bill HERE if you're interested.

It is very humid though ,like it has been for over a week. I'll be relieved when the humidity is gone. It has felt like mid to high 30's and I'm not a heat lover. Bring on Autumn LOL.

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