Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling Thankful

No it isn't Thanksgiving, but today is one of those days when I feel kind of emotional. I'm not sure why really (hormones probably !) It's just kind of a contemplating life sort or day. It seems that so many people that I care about are struggling in their life right now. It just makes me feel so blessed to have the life I do. No, it isn't perfect, but I have all I need and more. Nothing extravagant, but God is good.

I have a job that I love, and the greatest collectors who support me in this bear making journey. It gives me a few extra $'s so that I can stay home, and not venture out into the scary job place that I have been away from for over 10 years.

I get to be here when my family needs me. Like today, when my daughter called from school wanting to come home because she was feeling sick. How thankful I am that I had a car available and could be there in minutes to rescue her, give her a hug, tuck her into her warm bed and make her feel a bit better. My kids have never had to spend a day in daycare, for that I am thankful.

Overall, compared to many my life is wonderful, I just wish I could share it all with those that are hurting.

Now where are those tissues I need so often -good grief :)

p.s. I am not thankful however, that the groundhog saw his shadow today which means 6 more weeks of winter LOL. You can read all about that HERE.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

I love your little Valentine Bear ~ Cooper, so very sweet.

I was a stay at home Mum also and it is lovely for your children to be able to come home from school and have their Mum waiting there.
Mine never went to Day care either.

It is nice if you are able but I understand sometimes it is not always possible.
Love the groundhog story.
Take care and have a good weekend.


Tammy said...

Thanks Carolyn.
You are absolutely right that sometimes people just can't stay home. I am so thankul and blessed that I can, and feel for those who want to.

Glad you like the groundhog story :)
Enjoy your weekend also.