Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bears & Beaches

I finally managed to cut out a new bear. He is my attempt at something ,not a wolf or anything that different. As you can see he is missing a snout , and that is the "different" part. I hope to try some needle felting on this guy. Mind, you he may never get introduced to the world if things don't go as planned :) At least it will stretch my skills if nothing else !

Now, I don't mean to bore you with more beach pictures, but I just love the ocean. My son and I spontaneously jumped in the car tonight hoping to find a rainbow. The sky was ominous and I LOVE chasing rainbows, but this is where we ended up. No rainbows were found , but the waves were awesome(for here) and we watched the surfers enjoying the playground nature had provided. We could have stayed there all night enjoying God's breathtaking creation. It was a great mom/son unplanned quiet time together too. What a great way to end a rainy day.

Don't they look like aliens that were dropped in the water with those wet suits on LOL.

Thanks for peeking in -I hope you enjoy the photos !


Anonymous said...

Love the beach pictures! You're making me miss the ocean... (this from a land-locked, middle-of-the-continent girl who grew up on the Pacific coast).

I'll be interested to see what you do with needlefelting on this bear. I am so not up to the challenge; it's hard enough for me to get that gusset in and stuff the head right. Even though embroidering the nose is the hardest part, I find I actually enjoy it! (Note to self: have head examined.) Ha-ha!

Tami Eveslage said...

Tammy, Your felted paws are wonderful!!! I've only felted paws on a very small bear, but they come out so nice they are worth it!
I love the beach too! There are two favorite quotes I have heard about the beach. The first is this (and I don't know the author)"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul." It speaks to my soul for sure! The secod quote is from my son last summer when we spent a week in a beach house. He said,"I need at least one serving of beach each day!" Don't we all!