Friday, May 16, 2008

4 hours @ Emergency

What a crazy day ! My daughter called in tears from school this afternoon . She hurt her arm during an outdoor Gym class . I jumped in the van and was there to get her in 1.2 seconds I'm sure. It had started to swell and she said she heard it crack when she fell......not a good sign. So , off we went to the closest hospital where we waited for 2 hours. A paramedic, whom I know, was on duty and happened to be walking by the waiting area so he took a look at her arm. He figured it was broken ,told us it would be a long wait as they were short staffed 3 people , and sent us to the Children's hopital across the harbour for hopefully a shorter wait.

On our way we got caught in traffic due to an accident on the bridge. When we arrived at the 2nd hospital thick smoke started POURING out around the tires of the van , and fluid dripped underneath! We left it there and went inside. After xrays, the intern said her arm wasn't broken. A doctor returned awhile later and said , yes it was buckled and needed casting.

4 hours of waiting in 2 hospitals and my daughter now has a cast for 3 weeks, can't go camping with her friend this weekend, probably can't take part in her dance recital or band concert. She is a bit upset but not in pain really. Thank goodness. She's a real trooper ! I think she is actually excited to show everyone her arm. Oh, and the van is at the repair shop $$$

Not a day we want to repeat anytime soon. But, all is well and bones heal !! Oh,and I see Tundra will have a new home soon ....yippeeeeeeee


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness! I'm glad it's not giving her much pain, poor dear. I'm so glad bones heal! So where is the fancy-colored cast I see everyone sporting these days? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, Sorry about your daughter and bad luck with busy hospitals and car trouble. Wish her the best and a speedy recovery.
Absolutely beautiful pics of nature! (for us landlocked people).
Can't wait til Tundra arrrives. My family want all your bears so I'll have to hide him for a while, to get to know him. I LOVE YOUR BEARS!