Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Making an Armature

As I was working on a bear yesterday, I though it would be fun to show you what allows my bear arms to bend and hold their poses. It is simply a wire armature that I make. There are some available for purchase, but mine are more economical and so easy to make. I get my supplies at the hardware store.

I think the photos explain the process - be sure to click to enlarge them for a better look.

Oh, and watch for a new bear soon !


Joanna Mallory said...

Very cool! And it just goes to show, hardware stores are for everyone. Have a great day!

Patty B. said...

That's how I do it too, Tammy, but I've found I had to solder it on. I had one pop off after I had the arm all sewn up. Ever have that happen? Patty B

Tammy said...

Thank ladies. Yes , Patty I did have that happen. Since then I crimp , and crimp as hard as humanly possible so it hasn't happened again. Soldering is a good idea too.