Monday, April 14, 2008

What a MESS !

I though it might be interesting to take you through the bear making process. And, what a messy one it is. First, I decide which pattern I want to use, and cut it out in cotton fabric. A lining for real fur is essential to reduce pressure on the fur seams. It makes for a true heirloom bear.

Next, I choose the fur (a slow process as I mentioned yesterday) and lay out the cotton pieces. Each piece needs to be carefully cut out. I need to go slow and snip carefully so only the pelt is cut, not the fur itself. On warm days I do this step outside. It looks like there has been a cat fight as the fur floats away :) Lastly, I trim the fur from the seam allowances to remove bulk and allow the seams to match smoothly. This makes for less seam picking to pull trapped hairs.

Lastly, I need to clean up the mess ! It looks like a hair salon with all that cut hair. Real fur and faux furs are the worst for "flying hair" I think. It goes everywhere and sticks to everything. You should see my clothes ! I love the look and feel of the real fur bears so it is worth the mess.

Now, where is that vacuum anyway ?

Check back tomorrow to see this bear's progress.

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