Monday, April 21, 2008

A Golden 'Pickle"

I have found myself in a bit of a "pickle", and it has made me sad :(
I received my official invitation to the Golden Teddy Awards in Washington, DC. But, I just can't go.

You see, last year I PROMISED my best friend
that I would come visit her in western Canada in 2008. I haven't been in almost 16 years !! She has visited me may times so it really is way beyond my turn to go. Problem is, I am scared to fly alone, but I am determined to do this if it kills me ( heaven forbid ). She is my best friend afterall.
I really want to attend the Golden Teddies too. I know I won't win, and that is totally ok. Heck, I am still shocked to even be nominated. I just want to be part of the event, and meet some wonderful bear people.

I just can't justify spending the huge amount of money for 2 days when I am also spending a huge amount to go to my friends shortly after. I'd have to sell my first born. My hubby says, do both. (Not sell our first born of course LOL.) I say, my friend is more important than bears, and a promise is a promise !!!

I always try to keep my promises !!!

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Debora Hoffmann said...

Oh, goodness! That is a pickle, but I think it's good to go visit your friend. Maybe the two of you could meet in Washington DC to attend the awards show, and then go on to her place. (I'm trying to combine the two here!) I know you'll figure it out.