Monday, February 6, 2012

Henzie, my newest bear

Meet 7" Henzie, my newest creation.  She is happy to have found a new mom in the USA. 

Henzie was named by a gr. 5 student who saw my article in the newspaper recently.  She likes to sew and was interested in my bears .  She emailed me and said she was doing a  school presentation about my business.  She even  invited me to her class,  about 1 hour from my house.  I was happy to accepted, so quickly worked on a couple of bears last week.   Unfortunately,  the class time was limited so the teacher was unable to allow me to attend after all.   

This young lady  was very disappointed , so I decided to email her a pic of the bear and let her choose the name.  She combined her name and her best friend's name.  I think it is a cute name and suits the bear well.   Thanks Kenzie and Hannah for the great name suggestion :)  I hope we still get to meet sometime soon !


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I love that name, it suits her well. She looks to be a real cuddly handful, adorable, and I love this color of mink.

Timothy M Henzie said...

How funny, my name is Timothy Mark Henzie, My daughters name is Presley Elizabeth Henzie,My daughter has quite a large stuffed animal collection and loves bears