Sunday, February 21, 2010

Skiing after almost 20 years !

I thought I would share my weekend adventure to give you a good laugh :) After nearly 20 years my family convinced me I had to go downhill skiing . My hubby taught our daughter to ski last year, and our son learned the year before. My hubby and I used to ski once in awhile before we had the kids.

As we approached the hill I got really nervous. Gosh, at 43 I knew it would be a lot more painful if I fell than when I was in my 20's ! However, I strapped on my skis and decided to be brave. I also decided to skip the "bunny" hill and go straight to the top of the big hill. As we neared the top, I was anxious about getting off the chair lift without falling. By some miracle I didn't embarrass myself LOL.

It is always a little frightening looking down the hill for the first time. The snow was a little sticky because it was warm , and it even rained a bit later in the evening. I started out o.k. and thought I was doing quite well after awhile. I even felt like I was going rather fast .......until we got home and I watched the videos my daughter took.

I laughed and laughed at how pathetically slow I was, but hey, I was still proud that I went and had fun. You can have a good laugh too if you watch me on this video. Oh......just ignore my screams LOL.

It was the first time I had skied at night, and It was really quite peaceful . The view from the top down the 600 ft drop as darkness fell was beautiful.

My neck and back are a little sore today from smacking my head on the ground , but it was worth it !

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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Hey the second time you did pretty good Tammy. You have much more nerve than I. Glad you had fun. Thanks for the giggle, the first clip was pretty funny.