Friday, January 15, 2010

Helping Haiti

I'm sure the world is well aware of the disaster in Haiti this week. I can't even comprehend what those people are trying to cope with when something so devastating happened so quickly.

I have friends who went there over a week ago with their 3 children, and a small team , to do some mission work in an orphanage. They certainly encountered more than they planned for in their 2 week trip . Praise God they are o.k . I got to chat online with them last night so I feel reassured that all is well. I was concerned how their young children might be handling this situation. It will be nice to see them home next week whenever they can get a flight .

They were about 150km outside of Port-Au-Prince, but still felt the earthquake and up to 30 aftershocks. Yesterday my friend's dad went into the city with other volunteers to help anyway they could. The area they are in is by no means prosperous, yet they were willing to share whatever they could to help those in more need. It always amazes me that those with so little seem to be the first to give.

It sounds like what they saw was unimaginable, and something they will never forget. They have posted their experiences on their blog . Haiti needs so much prayer and help right now, and God is there in the midst of it all. Look how the world is coming together so quickly to help our fellow man !

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