Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the routine, or so I thought !

Here we are already the 4th day of the new year ! Today I woke up excited to get back into my routine with everyone headed out the door to either school or work. I was looking forward to quietly working on a bear, but alas MY plan went out the window LOL.

My upset mom called tell me that my uncle passed away unexpectedly in Ontario. Within 30 minutes she called me again to tell me she slipped on ice and fell down her stairs ! I rushed to her house , 10 minutes away, to make sure she was o.k. She was shaken up and is very sore, but I think she'll be o.k.

On my way home I stopped for some groceries and was nearly sideswiped in a parking lot ! So, I decided to come home where it was safe LOL.

Eventually I did attempt to start on the bear, but my sewing machine has other plans too. It just doesn't want to stitch properly. Now, school is over, the kids are home and I must plan supper so I'll have to put off bearmaking until tomorrow.

Funny thing is I found this whole day very humorous, and it didn't upset me in the least that my plan was foiled . Sometimes we need to be reminded that the world doesn't revolve around our plans at all. I was needed elsewhere and I am glad I was willing and able to be there for my mom.

My New Year's Resolution is to keep a positive attitude. Let's hope that plan works out :)

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Joanna Mallory said...

I hope your mom's okay today!

And congratulations! Keeping your peace -- let alone your sense of humour -- on a day like this is a great example of wise living. Our nature is to fight back and push for our own agenda, and it doesn't gain us anything -- just breeds stress.

I had a real heads-up about this in December and once I got the message, it was the most enjoyable pre-Christmas season yet. Things still got done, too, even though I wasn't pushing.

Hope the bear's in progress today!