Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bears in Progress

I have been working this week, really I have ! I am still trying to finish one of the little mink bears I started awhile ago. Plus, I started on a mohair bear.

My work area looks like a mess, but is a sure sign that something is happening :) Heads and bodies are flung everywhere LOL. I hope to get at least one of these bears done soon. Likely the mohair bear will be first.

I've decided that the mink bear definately needs a new head. This one is hideous and will end up in the trash. It just didn't turn out well at all, and I'm sure you'd agreee ! That happens , but luckily ( I think ) I have enough of this fur to make a new head. It was a small collar in a color I've never used before. I call it taupe.

Back to work to see which bear gets finished first !


Heather said...

hehehe, your mink bear looks frazzled to be half done :)

Tammy said...

Haha ! Maybe he/she is more frazzled knowing it is headed for the trash. I think he's lost his head over the whole idea LOL- groan.

Joanna Mallory said...

The mink bear head isn't hideous-- it looks... bemused. Or maybe like it's daydreaming about honey or other wonderful bear snacks. Definitely happy, anyway.

But your bears don't have the "goofy" look this guy does. I can see why you'll do a new head, but trashing this fellow sounds so cruel. (You can tell I'd never make it as an animal farmer!)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

Lovely to see that you are busy in your studio.
I hope to get back making some bears again.
I love little Violet bear who has gone to live in Belgium.

Many thanks for your very kind words to me, the wonderful support has been a great help.


Heather said...

Oh yeah, definitely don't trash him!!! He's an absolute cutie! (er, or she?!)