Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Memory Bear

....I know ...I said I probably wouldn't do any more of these LOL. I decide to do this one for my Dentist from his mom's coat. This muskrat fur is in beautiful condition considering it is from 1959. It was wonderful to work with , which made it more enjoyable to create this keepsake. I started yesterday, worked late last night and finished this 13" fella this morning. I'm pleased with it considering it has safety eyes, and nose that are installed before the head is stuffed. It's always a challenge getting them to look right. I hope he likes it :)

Now I need to get back to that headless mink bear. I just lost interest after the first head didn't work out. I need to get at it though , or I'll never get it done.

Hannah is now looking for a new home too. Yuo can learn all about her HERE.

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