Friday, July 25, 2008

A day at the Zoo

I just had to share some pictures with you . It had been raining ALL week, but yesterday we decided to visit the zoo about 90 minutes away. It turned out to be sunny and very hot there (I have sunburned arms to prove it :( However, we totally enjoyed the animals.

These are a few of my favorite pictures. I especially loved the babies . They are just so adorable. I hope you enjoy them also !

Every wonder why Alpaca fabric is so expensive, look how thick and lush it is. Remember Ling-Lee he was made from shaved Alpaca fur. This guy needs a bath :)

Look at those Camel lips :)

A 2 month old Fawn

A sweet sleepy baby Zebra.

Gorgeous Arctic Fox

A wise owl.

A precious baby crested porcupine napping with his momma.

The most precious 1 month old baby gibon snoozing while clinging to momma.

Aren't they all adorable ! Unfortunately some of the larger cats were sleeping in their houses. It was just too hot. Even the bear wouldn't come out to meet me, maybe next time.

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