Monday, March 19, 2012

A change of pace

While my hubby and daughter are in Haiti I decided to hang up my needle and thread for a few days.  Instead I've been painting my kitchen and hallway.  It is a perfect time as I don't have to stop to make meals etc.

There has been lots of communication with the Haiti team.  We had several phone calls, emails, videos & photos posted to facebook.  I even got to skype with them last night.  Things are going very well so far.  However, It is hot , and the car fumes are troublesome in the congested streets as they travel 45 minutes to the work site each day.  

Here are some of the pics they've shared.

The church they are working on. Notice the old church to the left.

Our team and 3 of the Haitian pastors.

 Getting to know the children after church. 

  One of several guards at the local store.

Views from the guest house in the gated & guarded area where they are staying in Port-Au Prince

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