Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was happy to come home yesterday from the hospital.  I am healing well , but still feeling a little lightheaded and sore.  My neck is quite bruised and swollen, but looks much better than I anticipated  It will take a while for my thyroid hormone replacement to get sorted out too.  Mornings aren't so great , but in  the afternoons I feel better.  Just need to wait a few weeks for the lab results, but the surgeon sounded postive.

I can't wait to start working on bears again. Hopefully soon :)


Atalia /Natalia said...

Get well Tammy, take a time to rest and enjoy new you. I know how it's feel after operations.
All the best

Lynn said...

Tammy, I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well and you are recovering nicely. Take care of yourself and let your family pamper you. Lynn

Linda said...

Glad every thing went well. I wish you a speedy recovery!
Bear hugs, Linda