Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fresh air and fur :)

What a GORGEOUS day it is here on the East Coast. We are having an unusually hot Spring day that feels like mid summer. My outdoor thermometer reads almost 24C in the shade.
Too bad my hubby is home sick with a cold. If he starts oinking I'm getting him checked for swine flu ! Just kidding, I know this is nothing to joke about.
I am working on a mink panda today. I couldn't sit inside and miss the sun so I have moved outside onto the deck. The fur can float around and I can soak up some vitamin D.

We'll be back to regular temps after today, but this is a nice treat I must admit. It's nice to see our friendly squirrel has returned too :)

I hope you enjoy your day wherever you are !

1 comment:

Sarah Medina said...

Love your squirrel, 24C and we are still in jumpers over here LOL Would be nice to have your weather I think :) I'm loving winter time here so far, temps of 17C -19C :)