Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The dog ate my homework !

Now this in one of the those excuses they tell you that you can't get away with in school, right. Well, Monday my daughter came home from school a little upset. She and a friend worked really hard on a project recently. They create an old looking journal , tea stained all the pages, and added a leather edge "binding" with a bit of mink trim. .They were really proud of their work !

The teacher loved it too , and showed it to all of her classes. Problem is, she took the projects home to mark, and well.......her dog, umm.......ate it ! Yep, pretty much tore the cover and binding off, and ate the leather string. It looks rather mangled.

I couldn't resist sending a note yesterday asking the teacher to excuse my daughter from her homework because ,"The dog ate it". She got a great chuckle and read it to the class.

Oh, they were the only group to get an A+ on the project- LOL

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