Friday, April 9, 2010

Is there anyone out there ???

I have been so delinquent updating my blog that I wonder if anyone even checks in anymore !

I am still here. I've just been preoccupied with life, my health and changes. Some things have been stressful, but some are exciting at the same time. I am in the process of working with a surgeon to sort out some health issues. I feel like I am always at a health appointment. Isn't that a sign of getting old LOL ???? I still need to have a biopsy on a small lump, but have been assured that I shouldn't worry. I admit I have been worried... who wouldn't be in all honesty , but this week I feel confident that things will be o.k. I'm leaving it in God's hands at this point.

I have also realized it was time to remove some things in my life that are causing stress, and make some other necessary changes as I feel led. It has been so hard to let go, but will ultimately make me and my family stronger I think. So, it is exciting .

I am also in the process of doing my income tax so I'll be glad when that is done so I can spend more time on bears. Also, my daughter is in the midst of dance competitions and my son has started motocross practice so it is a busy time driving kids everywhere they need to be.

Amongst all this, I am working on a new mink bear that I hope to have ready for sale sometime on Monday ! Bearmaking is my sanity LOL . I'll post updates as the date gets closer.


Heather said...

We're still here!!!

Tammy said...

Woohoo, someone is there LOL. Thanks for checking in Heather :)

Hugs, Tammy

Linda said...

Hi Tammy, Yes I am here to and do check in to see what you are up to. Take care of your self:)

Tammy said...

LOL...Hi Lynn. Glad to hear that people haven't given up on my blog ;)

Hope all is well with you too !

Hugs, Tammy

Katy Cameron said...

I'm here, albeit I took a detour via the pub on the way home, but it's Friday :oD Hope the biopsy goes well, can't wait to see the new bear

Tammy said...

Hi Katy, thanks for stopping by even if it was in a roundabout way LOL.

Have a great weekend ,

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I hope you get to the bottom of your health issues soon! Hubby and I are eating a healing diet and praying for God's will in the outcome. There are many stresses in my life I wish I could get rid of, but I know God is using many of them to shape me, so I'm thankful.

Hugs to you!