Friday, April 23, 2010

Bears, and busyness

Hi, Thanks for popping in !

It has been a busy couple of weeks in this den. Dance competitions are still underway for my daughter with more this weekend and next. Then we can relax for another couple of weeks before the end of the year recital . It has been tiring keeping up with extra rehearsals, and early morning competitions ( competing at 8 am with VERY loud music is a bit much LOL) .I am excited about this Sunday though as the parents along with the dancers ( about 130 of us all together) will be competing in a fun dance off in front of about 30 other dance schools . I better start stretching now so I don't injure myself LOL. Some of the dads have to dress in women's aerobic wear , my hubby being one of them. It should be an absolute hoot !
Just another word of caution. My credit card number was stolen AGAIN . This happened last year too and I know it is from online purchases. So, even when you think it is secure, it may not be. Thankfully the fraud dept. caught it and called me. Someone has been having fun making purchases in Ontario over the past month. At least it is a separate card I only use online and with a very low limit for this exact reason. Someone suggested using preloaded Visa/ Mastercards and I may start doing that instead. It is worth the extra few dollars.

Lastly, I have a new mink bear on the cutting table waiting to be sewn together. It will likely be next week sometime before it is completed.


Heather said...

Good luck in the dance competitions to your daughter!

And UGH. I had my identity thefted a few years back and it's been endless trouble since. I wish you luck on clearing that up and keeping away from trouble.

Katy Cameron said...

The dance off sounds like lots of fun, especially the outfit! Enjoy your weekend