Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I found my mojo in a pair of socks !

I'm sure you are sitting there saying , "What"???

Well, I have really been struggling with my bearmaking lately. I just seem to have lost my passion, desire, interest...you know , my mojo. I am creating, but not enjoyng it like I should. I think a lot has to do with this LONG winter . I feel like a caged animal that just needs to get out. I haven't gone out as much as normal because of the amount of ice this year. My walking routine is totally shot. It just sucks the life out of me, I NEED spring , sunshine and more daylight !!!

After having the kids home for yet another storm day yesterday, and my hubby home sick for 2 days now, I decided to go shopping today. I was reminded of a sock monkey comment made by my SIL last week. I had been wanting to try one for awhile , and today I found these socks at the dollar store. They aren't exactly the right ones, but I was tickled, and came right home to start cutting. About 2 hours later this silly character emerged. His name is Mojo. For some reason he puts a huge smile on my face and has sparked my desire to start creating again.

He will be my new sewing companion giving me a chuckle whenever I look at his silly grin. Sometimes it is good to have a play day, and just make something outside the box !

Now I will always be able to find my mojo :) All it took was a pair of socks - who knew !

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Joanna Mallory said...


Mojo's cute.