Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something completely different !

Meet 4" Winston who is available on my website.

I've been wanting to make this bear for a long time and last night he was finally "born". I designed him earlier in the week and got straight to work cutting, sewing and stuffing. I am really happy with him. He is the first one this size I have made since 2007. I think the small mink bears I've been making have ignited the desire to make more minis.

My concern was the hand cramps I've been having. However, that didn't occur with Winston. I think it is because of the scale and the fabric is so easy to work on. Bigger bears, especially real fur, is thick and harder to manage. I was so pleased that my hands coped well !!

I hope you like Winston, he sure makes me smile :)


Joanna Mallory said...

Winston is VERY cute, and looks quite intelligent.

Glad he wasn't a pain to make!

Tammy said...

Thank Joanna. Glad you like him !

Hugs, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Winston is a beauty!! What an endearing little face he has! Good luck with him. :-)