Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What have I been doing ? Making a bear ?

Yes these is a little mink bear almost ready to meet the world. I finished it today- finally after about 3 weeks . I hope to have it ready for adoption by Friday.

Time seems to be flying this "summer". It is summer right ?? Mother nature sure doesn't seem to know yet. We have been living with fog , cloud , cool temperatures for the past 3 weeks. Enough already !! It really feels more like Autumn. I haven't even had shorts on yet.

My house seems like a bustling hotel since school ended LOL. I've had a different kid here almost every night ,it seems, for sleepovers with my kids.

We also went to a lovely park the other day with nice waterfalls.

There are 165 stairs to the top of this hill.

...and later picked lots of strawberries.

Plus we went to our cabin for the weekend. My daughter befriended this adorable chipmunk who was brave enough to eat out of her hand.

After a heavy rainfall and thunderstorm it cleared enough for this beautiful moonlight on the lake.

Oh and I saw the saddest movie last night, with my daughter and her friend, called My Sister's Keeper. Actually I wasn't allowed to sit with them of course, but a row behind and off to the side LOL. It's so not cool to be seen with your mom at her age LOL.

Hmm...what else... my sewing machine seems to have decided it wants to cause trouble. I'll have to take it to the repair place asap. Not looking forward to that repair bill being a computerized machine :( I hope it doesn't take too long to fix. Oh well, the break will give me time to paint/redecorate our daughter's room anyway as that's what she would like for her 13th birthday. Bye bye barbie pink walls :)

Enough rambling for now LOL. Check back for bear photos soon :)

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