Friday, July 17, 2009

A night of giggling

It was a long night with 6 teenage girls here to help my daughter celebrate her upcoming 13th birthday. What a delightful bunch of young ladies they are too ! Very sweet girls.

I clearly remember my 13th birthday party and how fun it was. I even delivered a piece of cake that had the word LOVE on it to a "boy" that I thought was sooo cute . Well, he was 20 and I'm sure I made a complete fool out of myself LOL. Why didn't my mom stop me LOL.

The girls ate lots of yummy treats, and stayed up all hours giggling and having a great time. At 3:30am I could still hear them laughing. Then at 7am some of them were awake. How do kids do that ? I am just too old and already had to have one nap today LOL. Oh, how exciting it must be to be young and full of energy :)

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