Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 Golden Teddy Nomination !!!

Oh my goodness, I am crying like a baby here. I JUST found out that I am nominated for a 2009 Golden Teddy Award. This is such a big competition and I gasped when I read my name on the list. Last year I got a phone call , so I assumed this year I didn't get chosen. The nominee's list was postponed several months due to technical problems so the suspense has been killing me. It is such a thrill to be recognized by my peers in the industry. Now it's up to the public to choose the final winners in each category later this summer . The nominees will be published in Teddy Bear Review Magazine.

As always, I am heavy-hearted for those that did not get chosen. I've been there too. It can sting for a bit I know.

Here is the only bear I entered, Tia who lives in Wisconsin.


Ruth said...

Tia is absolutely beautiful ; so well deserved as a nominee . CONGRATULATIONS to you ! ( I'm feeling a bit unreal myself ! ;0) )

Joanna Mallory said...

Woohoo! This time you've gotta go to the awards....

Tammy said...

Thank you both !

Ruth a huge congratulations to you too on your nomination ! Isn't it a great feeling :)